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PCR started operating in July 2006. Initially the company focused on the supply of services to several construction projects involved in the supply and installation of large diameter poly pipe. Upon completion of two major projects in the Bowen Basin, PCR Polyweld diversified its activities & developed a specialisation in general wash plant maintenance and construction fields.

Further afield PCR Polyweld has also supplied & continues to supply polywelding and construction  teams to projects in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Papua New Guinea.


safety always comes first


It is part of PCR Polyweld’s corporate policy to establish and maintain the highest possible standards of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management throughout its operations worldwide. Safety of people must be an important objective in all operations that PCR Polyweld teams undertake.

PCR Polyweld’s Workplace Health, Safety & Environmental Management Policy provides a detailed guide to all employees to ensure that any company activity does not jeopardise the health, safety or general well being of any employee, subcontractor, visitor, or anyone affected by the company’s operations and the environment in general.

Typically projects and operations are governed by project and site specific H&S Management Plans customised to local conditions and legislative requirements. In these cases PCR Polyweld’s employees have a solid track recording of abiding by the site requirements.

All projects carried out by PCR are subject to a detailed risk analysis and a comprehensive safe work procedure is developed for every major activity. These procedures detail measures to be taken to ensure that all employees have been made aware of the risks associated with a task and have put in place the necessary risk control measures designed to mitigate or eliminate the associated risks.

PCR Polyweld consistently maintains a strong workforce. Employees are long term whom have both a trade qualified background and a wealth of experience in maintenance and construction. From project management, OH&S officers, supervisors, plumbers, pipe layers, boilermakers, coded welders, fitters, riggers, ticketed polywelders to experienced TAs & heavy machinery operators, PCR Polyweld is a well-experienced & hard-working team.


Who forms the PCR Polyweld Team?


Highly Skilled & Competent Team

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